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Product Name: Intelligent Monitoring and Protection Device
Class: Other Products

Product Description

Applicable to oil-immersed transformers to replace traditional oil level gauges, pressure relief valves and oil surface temperature devices. New intelligent component that integrates oil level, oil temperature, pressure relief display and alarm.

① Online monitoring: 24-hour online real-time monitoring of equipment operation status and data, including oil level, oil temperature, pressure relief, etc;

② Signal transmission: collect signals such as oil level, oil temperature and pressure relief and transmit them through RS485 communication network;

③Data collection: collect and record operation data through intelligent energy-saving monitoring system, and save to the cloud;

④ Fault warning: when the transformer oil level, pressure, oil temperature, etc. send an abnormal signal, the device will automatically alarm, so that the solution and maintenance move forward, which achieves the unmanned removing fault and reduces the equipment failure rate;

⑤ Replaceability: It can replace the original online operation oil level gauge, pressure relief valve and oil surface temperature device, to achieve online monitoring, data transmission collection, fault warning, etc. without affecting power supply requirements and adding additional cost.