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Product Name: Auxiliary Transformer for Electric Locomotive
Class: Special Transformer

Product Description

Mainly used for inverter output and integratesthree-phase filter reactance function. The transformer adopts a 3D wound coilcore with three-phase balance, high strength of the frame structure, low lossand low sound level.

The coil structure is staggered, and the highand low voltage coils are distributed up and down, which effectively saves thecoil radial dimension, thereby making the product structure more compact. Thehigh and low voltage coils are made of NOMEX paper-wrapped oxygen-free copperwire. The insulation class can reach class R (C) with strong shock resistance,short circuit resistance, and stable electrical performance to effectively improveproduct quality and service life.

The transformer is ahorizontal structure, and its clamps are mounted with suspension arms forsuspension in the auxiliary inverter cabinet. The high voltage and low voltageoutlets are horizontal and tit is air-forced cooling type.